Luminescences MTL-TO

Luminescences MTL-TO
July 26-August 23, 2014
Vernissage: Saturday July 26 @ 3 pm

Blinder and Orange Box

Luc Courchesne – Karilee Fuglem – Dil Hildebrand – John Latour – Marie-Jeanne Musiol – Roberto Pellegrinuzzi – John Player – Chih-Chien Wang

Image credit: Chih-Chen Wang, Blinder and Orange Box, 2009

Luminescences draws attention to the discreet yet important role that light plays in a wide range of artists’ work. It alludes to light’s ability to reveal and reflect, to shimmer or glow, to cast shadows or fade. Luminescences celebrates both the intangible and ephemeral nature inherent in light and the works they inspire.

Image credit: John Player, Facility, 2014